London Gatwick airport was inaugurated as a small airfield for the air force however the great need for another airport for handling the air traffic of great London city made it turn into a commercial airport for the city. The airport is located in the town of Crawley just about thirty miles from the London Charring Cross. The London Gatwick airport is among the world’s busiest airport and the second busiest after Heathrow in United Kingdom according to the total passenger traffic. The London Heathrow airport which is the Europe’s most popular and busy airport accommodates up to 60 million passengers each year whereas the Gatwick airport comes next to Heathrow in London with an average of 30 million passengers annually. The London Gatwick airport is known famous due to the great privileged services it offers for the corporate and business travelers. The London Gatwick airport is also the Europe’s leading airport when it comes to point-to-point flights. The airport as two terminals located on North and South and you can find parking at Gatwick airport.The runway of the London Gatwick airport is the world’s busiest and has a significantly high average of more than fifty two aircraft movements in an hour. The North and South terminals of London Gatwick remain busy and filled with traffic throughout the year all around the clock. The airport covers a huge area of land. The North terminal covers above 75,000 square miles and the South terminal covers more than 180,000 square miles of land. The London Gatwick airport has been greatly improving in terms of total annual passenger traffic with an average of 33.6 million passengers in the year 2011. The increase of up to 3 million passengers was seen last year which shows the increasing popularity of airport among the local as well as business travelers of London. Finding a vacant airport parking Gatwick has become a hassle for most of the travelers because of the fact that there is immense traffic and people are always 인천공항주차대행 in search of a free parking space near the terminal building so that they can walk to the check-in concourse within a few steps conveniently carrying their baggage along. Those who cannot afford to be bothered with the hassle of finding a parking near to terminal building and walking all the way with luggage can hire valet parking Gatwick airport.The valet parking works in a fairly simple way. All you need is to look for a reliable online airport parking company and place your booking for the airport parking. This lets you get rid of the tension of catching your flight and getting to the airport via cab or hired car. You just drive your car straight to the drop off area facing the main terminal building and meet the company’s official chauffeur at the appointed place and time. There he will take the possession of your vehicle and drive it safely and carefully to the company’s car park. The private airport parking companies at Gatwick such as Britannia Airport parking offer cheap parking Gatwick airport services letting you get the complete peace of mind and start your journey away from London in a stress free and delightful way.

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