Create Countertop Displays with Bucket Racks

September 5, 2023 0 Comments

If you haven’t yet created a countertop display for your store, or you’re looking for ways to spice up the countertop display you currently have, consider using bucket display racks.

Small Merchandise Is Best for Bucket Display Racks

Bucket displays are best for showcasing small merchandise, whether it’s edible merchandise like wrapped candies or non-edible merchandise like novelty toys or convenience items.

This works well if you’re choosing racks with buckets for your countertop displays because most stores tend to display smaller items on their countertops and near their registers.

Browse Different Kinds of Bucket Rack Displays

Now that you have an idea about countertop stores the kinds of merchandise you want to display in the rack’s buckets, it’s time to think about two other facts that will help you as you browse the different kinds of bucket display racks: The amount of merchandise you want to display, and whether you want a stationary or revolving rack.

Even for countertops, bucket racks are available in a variety of sizes and with as few as two buckets or as many as ten buckets. Choose a bucket rack based on how much merchandise you want to display. Racks with few buckets, for example, are ideal for small candy displays, while racks with several buckets are great for creating an elaborate display of a number of common convenience items like key chains, lighters, pens, eyeglass repair kits, and items to keep children busy during long trips like novelty toys, small coloring books, and crayons.