Areas You Should Know About Aviation FBO Management Services

September 9, 2023 0 Comments

The aviation industry is a dynamic industry,Areas You Should Know About Aviation FBO Management Services Articles with increasing demand for a wide range of services. Sponsors and asset owners are concerned about the escalating operating costs and a tightening labor market. To understand the value of aviation fixed base operation management, we should review some of the fundamental services provided.


Understanding the Concept:


A Fixed Base Operator, or FBO, refers to an on-airport service provider that has the rights to provide various core line services like hanging, fuelling, and aircraft handling. At various size airports, FBOs manage almost all on airport services; this can be known as aviation fixed base operation management. Some of the ancillary services an FBO may provide are:


1. General Aviation (GA) terminal management2. Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services3. Part 135 Aircraft Charter and Management (ACM)4. Flight planning and weather monitoring facilities.5. Conference room facilities.6. Passenger lounges.7. Pilot’s lounges and rest/sleep areas.8. Arranging catering.9. De-icing.10. Providing for the arrangement of ground transportation.


How Are Services Provided?


Aviation FBO management services are provided similarly to services in other areas of the transportation industry. Experienced, professional management companies can bring best practices and state of the art management techniques to help improve customer service and efficiency at a single location or across a multi-location network.


An efficient team is capable of providing turn-key solutions for managing critical functions. Outsourcing the services through professional FBO management can increase efficiency by employing industry best practices and can also deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction.


Any good service provider has prior Resident management companies London experience of managing operations with similar requirements and will have experience in dealing with airports of various types and sizes. They are also capable of providing detailed management plans suited to the needs of the service company sponsors. To maximize the value of the aviation assets, institutional equity firms and financial institutions may engage a professional management company for FBO management.

Above and Below Wing Services:


“Above Wing” services consist of assisting the crew and the passengers to and from the aircraft from the terminal. These are specialized services provided by the FBO management companies. These include handling passengers at the terminal, providing other services like in-flight catering, managing hotel accommodations, and arranging ground transportation.


“Below Wing” services include ground handling work like aircraft towing, baggage handling and providing other core services such as fuelling. Other below wing services includes providing ground power units and other equipment an aircraft needs at the terminal.