My Chocolate Labrador Retrievers and Their Puppies

We live in Jarvisburg, N.C., 8 miles north of the External Banks of North Carolina. My labs (Ana, Bear, Cognac, Carolina, Duke, Mia, 12 PM and Daylight) partake in the best of two universes Calm nation living in Currituck Region and day to day dawn runs on the wonderful sea shores of the External Banks of North Carolina.

As a labrador reproducer I want to create a sound labrador retriever that has the excellence which characterizes the variety while catching the personality and teachability that makes the labrador a flexible variety. It is critical to me that my canines and pups will be great working residents (seeing eye, opiates, search and salvage, hunting, field preliminary, show and so on) as well as incredible pets and sidekicks.

Chocolate Labrador Retrievers have been a piece of my life since 1984,when a companion inquire as to whether I would acknowledge liability regarding a multi month old chocolate lab whose proprietor was moving. It was love at first site for the two black labs of us. Jake and I were closest companions and running accomplices for a long time. In 1998 when Jake died, I was crushed and swore I could never possess another canine.

In the fall of 2002, Jake came to me in a fantasy and ask me what I had against chocolate labs and why I didn’t have another canine. The following day I headed to Norfolk,Virginia and became hopelessly enamored with Bear. After 90 days I headed to Va.Beach, Virginia and became hopelessly enamored with Ana. What’s more, as it’s been said the rest is history!

12 PM was brought into the world in Ana and Bear’s most memorable litter on December 3rd,2003. Carolina, alongside Luke, was brought into the world in Ana and Bear’s second litter on June 15th,2004. Duke was bought from a public field champion bloodline from Windsor, North Carolina on January 15th,2005. Liquor and Daylight were bought on July 28th,2006. Mia, more youthful sister of Liquor and Daylight, was bought the day she was conceived, January nineteenth, 2007 .Between Cognac, Mia, and Daylight’s mom and father there are 48 public field champions in their bloodlines.

When a chocolate labrador little dog enters your life,your life changes for eternity. You have a dedicated friend,and the years are loaded up with affection and happiness. A predominant family companion,the chocolate labrador little dog is shrewd, delicate, and anxious to please. LABS Have An Enduring Effect!

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